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Panda Early Education Center encourages parents, guardians and family members to become active members in their child's educational and social development. Take the time to share in your child's growth through observation, participation and communication. Stand and watch, stay and play, sit and chat. Talk to your child's teacher, drop them a note and be involved. Please feel free to tell the management if you have any comments, positive or negative that may help us to improve the quality of our facility or staff. We will work together to help your child develop to their fullest potential.

Frequently your child's class will be involved in a special project, field trip or special meal. You are invited and encouraged to attend any special events. Take the time to spend some quality time with your son or daughter during the week.

"You can use most any measure when speaking of success. Some measure by the size of their house or the net worth of their portfolio. However, the measure of real success is one you cannot spend...it's the way your child describes you when talking to a friend."

Christiana/Newark							            			     				Bear/New Castle

(302) 328-1481

122 East Main Street

Christiana, DE  19702

(Route 273 and Route 7)

(302) 832-1891

1169 South Dupont Hwy

New Castle, DE  19701

(Lower Twin Lane and Route 7)